30-day returns at Matterhackers

Ends: Wed, Jan 1, 2025

Grab a discount of up to $600 on 3D printers at Matterhackers sale.

Ends: Thu, Jul 4, 2024
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Up to $150 off at Matterhackers on Bambu lab 3D printers in the sale

Ends: Thu, Jun 27, 2024
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Free delivery at Matterhackers on orders over $35

Ends: Mon, Dec 30, 2024

1-month warranty at Matterhackers on printed parts and motors

Ends: Tue, Dec 31, 2024

3d printers at Matterhackers just $420

Ends: Sun, May 25, 2025
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Printing filament at Matterhackers from $16

Ends: Sun, May 25, 2025
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Does MatterHackers have free shipping?

Customers can take advantage of free shipping if their order totals more than $35. This offer is valid for anyone in the contiguous United States. However, any purchase that weighs more than five pounds will incur an additional fee for customers in Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska. There are upgrade options available for expedited delivery if you don’t mind paying a little extra. 

Does MatterHackers offer educational discounts?

While MatterHackers doesn’t offer any sort of student discount, they do, however, offer discounts to educators and libraries. MatterHackers provides resources for educators, as well, including video tutorials and classroom case studies. 

Does MatterHackers have a warranty?

According to the details provided on the MatterHackers website, both printed parts as well as motors are supported by a one-month warranty. Everything else is sold without a warranty. If you have a problem with your order, however, you can always reach out to MatterHackers customer support directly.

What is MatterHackers’ return policy?

Unless specified otherwise, every purchase made at MatterHackers is supported by a 30-day return policy. This 30-day window begins starting the day the order is received. Some products, like 3D printers, can require a 15% restocking fee which means you won’t be able to return them for a full refund.

Hints and Tips

Wait for a sale: If you aren’t in a hurry, it can be worth waiting for a MatterHackers sale. These pop up throughout the year, often around holidays. We list the latest info on sales as well as the latest promo codes on this page, so check with Tom's Hardware whenever you're looking to save.

Shop clearance items: The MatterHackers website has a section dedicated to clearance items. This is a good place to find products at a discount. You can expect as much as 30% off selected products for clearance, so it's well worth keeping an eye out for these offers.

Check out MatterHackers news: If you want to keep up with new product releases, sales and other special events, the best place to do so is on the news section of their website. The team posts articles regularly throughout the year when something important is going on.

Sign up for the MatterHackers newsletter: MatterHackers also has a newsletter available that anyone can subscribe to. It’s free to sign up for and you can unsubscribe at any time. Signing up right now immediately nets you a coupon to save 5% off your next purchase as long as it’s under $1000 USD.

Join the MatterHackers rewards program: If you find yourself regularly shopping at MatterHackers, it would be beneficial to sign up for MatterHackers rewards. This program is free to join and can net you savings over time for future purchases. According to MatterHackers, members receive an unlimited 3% back on whatever they spend.

How to use MatterHackers promo codes

1. Look through the MatterHackers promo codes that are currently available and choose one you'd like to apply to your order.

2. Click "Get Code" to reveal it, then copy the code to your clipboard for later.

3. Head to the MatterHackers website and add the product or products you want to purchase to your cart.

4. Open the cart and go to the checkout screen when you're ready to order.

5. Click "Redeem code" under the email address field, then enter the promo code code into the field and click "Redeem code".

6. Click “Apply” and complete the checkout as normal to place your order.

How we source coupon codes

Tom’s Hardware has a coupons team dedicated to finding the latest and best codes for each of our pages. Through partnerships with retailers, our affiliate networks, and searching the web, we find the most recent ways to save on online orders, including any exclusive codes our commercial team negotiates. We then upload the latest codes & promotions to our pages, refreshing them twice a week.

How we test coupon codes

Our dedicated coupons team tests each code before they’re uploaded to our pages to ensure they will be accepted at the checkout. Coupons can include the likes of free shipping, student discounts, multibuy offers and more, and you’ll find applicable codes for products & services across all categories. However, we don’t list any one-time use or user-specific codes - this is to make sure each code is available for everyone who visits our site to use

For the sake of clarity, we also include key information about each coupon, such as expiry dates and any terms & conditions, on the page. We update this information whenever we become aware of any changes, with each page updated twice a week. You can read the terms & conditions for an offer by looking for the corresponding text and clicking it to expand the terms section. This text can be found near the ‘Get Code’ button. 

What to do if a coupon code doesn’t work

Despite our team regularly refreshing our pages and testing every code before upload, every now and then a coupon may not work as intended. Retailers can change expiry dates or terms & conditions before pages can be updated, offers can expire, or a coupon can no longer be accepted. If you have any issues using one of our codes, our team is on hand to help. 

It’s always best to start by double-checking a code’s terms & conditions to make sure your order meets the requirements. Click “View terms and conditions” to expand the code section. Here you’ll find all available information on your chosen offer. Discounts may be product-specific (i.e. 10% off PC cases), have an associated minimum order value (i.e. spend $30 or more), or require verification (i.e. register with a valid student or workplace email address). 

If you comply with all listed requirements and your discount is still not being applied, send an email to our team at and we can help. Let us know which code you are trying to use and which page it’s listed on, and customer support will reply as soon as possible to assist.

How we make money 

Tom’s Hardware earns money from coupon pages on a commission basis. For every coupon page on our site, we have negotiated a deal with that retailer. Whenever someone places an order with that brand and applies one of our codes to their cart, we earn a percentage of the final order total back in commission. 

The good news? This means that we offer our codes without charging any fees. Redeeming a discount listed on Tom’s Hardware is always free - all you will need to pay is a discounted price for whatever items you want to buy. 

If you're looking for more information on Tom's Hardware coupons, you can also read more about How We Source Coupon Codes and How to Use Them on our dedicated page.

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

Ash Hill is a Freelance News and Features Writer with a wealth of experience in the hobby electronics, 3D printing and PCs. She manages the Pi projects of the month and much of our daily Raspberry Pi reporting while also finding the best coupons and deals on all tech.

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About MatterHackers

When it comes to 3D printers, filament and accessories, MatterHackers has established itself as one of the leading sources for customers in the US and around the world. It was founded in 2012 by three individuals—Lars Brubaker, Kevin Pope and Michael Hulse. MatterHackers has continued over the last decade to sell 3D printing hardware, printing materials and plenty of other goodies for your everyday maker and 3D printing enthusiast. Customers can find everything from complete 3D printers to accessories like filament on the online web store. However, if you live nearby you might be able to check out the physical MatterHackers store in LakeForest, California.

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Ash Hill Ash Hill Freelance News and Features Writer

Ash Hill is a Freelance News and Features Writer with a wealth of experience in the hobby electronics, 3D printing and PCs. She manages the Pi projects of the month and much of our daily Raspberry Pi reporting while also finding the best coupons and deals on all tech.