MSI MPG271QRX QHD gaming monitor review: Another speedy OLED to consider

27-inch QHD QD-OLED panel with 360 Hz, Adaptive-Sync, HDR400 and wide gamut color.

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The MPG271QRX is one of two 360 Hz monitors in the comparison group along with Alienware’s AW2725DF. At 240 Hz, we have Acer’s X27U, Corsair’s 27QHD240, Asus’ PG27AQDM and AOC’s AG276QZD.

Pixel Response and Input Lag

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Though the refresh rates are the same, the MPG271QRX draws a full white screen in 3ms versus the AW2725DF’s 4ms. Both screens are super smooth, and I am hard-pressed to see a difference between them when gaming. Even the slower monitors are smoother than LCDs running at the same speed. Eliminating strobing and overdrive has a significantly positive impact.

In the lag test, we see a glut of screens at 19ms, which is super-fast. That’s what’s needed for pro competition and any of these monitors can qualify. The Corsair might prove too slow for the best players, but if you have a MPG271QRX on your desk, you will have one of the fastest monitors that currently exists.

Test Takeaway: The MPG271QRX delivers typical OLED gaming performance which is better than a premium LCD running at any speed or resolution. You’ll need 360 or 500 Hz just to get in the ballpark of what any OLED running at 240 Hz or higher can achieve. Until the next revolution in display tech occurs, this is as good as it gets.

Viewing Angles

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When viewed at 45 degrees to the sides, the MPG271QRX shows no reduction in light output and a slight shift to red. This is typical performance for the OLED and QD-OLED monitors I’ve tested. The top view is a little less bright and also shows a red shift. Neither angle shows any change in gamma, which means no detail is obscured when viewing off-axis.

Screen Uniformity

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I’ve seen solid uniformity results from nearly all the OLEDs I’ve reviewed. The MPG271QRX is well under the 10% mark, where I consider any variation in brightness to be invisible. I measured a 10% field pattern because 0% screens can’t be measured by any known instruments. This is excellent performance.

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  • dimar
    No DisplayPort 2.1a?
  • UnforcedERROR
    dimar said:
    No DisplayPort 2.1a?
    It's a 1440p monitor, it doesn't need more than 1.4 to support 360hz.
  • oofdragon
    Why aren't smartphones 360hz already as well?
  • UnforcedERROR
    oofdragon said:
    Why aren't smartphones 360hz already as well?
    Why would you want a 360hz phone display? Appreciably worse battery life and practically 0 discernable difference in viewing quality. Ultra high refresh is great for low latency, first-person gaming, but is overwise unimportant.
  • mahanddeem
    A question to the reviewer, were the test for absolute input lag done with VRR on or off?
  • plshelpmeimunderthewater
    hi bro i recently just bought this and i was looking for the best settings for this or best configuration can you help me please