EXCLUSIVE: Spy Shots of the BMW Thermaltake Level 10 M Headset

CES is a place where companies figuratively dress up in their best and show off what they've been doing all year, and sometimes, what they'll be doing in the year to come. Naturally, then, not everything at CES is out on display for the public.

We spent some time with Thermaltake at its suite in the Venetian hotel. During our visit, we saw much of what the company was exhibiting to everyone. But we deviated from the tour at one point and managed to find something that caught our eye. Something that wasn't out in the open or for public consumption.

The design heritage was unmistakable; we had discovered an unannounced, upcoming product from BMW DesignworksUSA and Tt eSPORTS. Given our familiarity with both the Level 10 GT case as well as the Level 10 M mouse, we are absolutely confident that we had found what will certainly be a Level 10 M Headset.

Its colors were the signature black and red, highlighted with aluminum finish. It also featured the same honeycomb-like cutout design that we first saw from the Level 10 M mouse. We picked it up quickly, and the headset felt sturdy in-hand. As a representative snatched the unannounced product away from us, we discovered that the headband is easily adjustable. And the cups were shaped nicely to fit over our ears, with ample cushioning. We noticed that the microphone adjusted vertically and horizontally, and could be tucked up out of the way when you aren't feeling chatty.

We didn't have time to play any audio through the headset before we were spotted, but we're looking forward to auditioning the forthcoming product. Until then, feast your eyes on our spy shots!

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  • ironmb
    Spy shots? looks more like a photoshoot.
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  • Spooderman
    Okay, that actually looks kinda cool.
  • ironmb
    Spy shots? looks more like a photoshoot.
  • rebel1280
    those are most def not spy shots and yeah, its looks freaking cool :D