MSI's All-In-One PC Has Sliding Screen, 3D

Here is one of the many leftovers from CES 2010: MSI's all-in-one PC called "Jellow." The PC is merely a concept for now, but it looks absolutely... well, awesome for an all-in-one deal, using transparent plastic to give it a more futuristic, sterile look. The design also incorporates 3D technology, and will be bundled with wireless 3D glasses.

The accompanying wireless mouse is rather interesting as well, using the same aesthetic design and can be used as a remote control and an IP-phone for online chatting. According to Akihabara News, the matching keyboard is also wireless, but doesn't seem to offer any additional super-cool features save for its ability to be stored behind the all-in-one PC's screen.

As for the hardware, the device features a 23.6-inch WLED Backlight Full HD screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and Double Frame rate (120 Hz). The screen can slide up and down, providing the unique storage space for the keyboard. While detailed specs were not released, MSI said that users can enjoy 3D gaming and HD movies with this device, leading us to believe that there may be some decent hardware packed under the hood.

Although MSI said that the concept will eventually be available for consumers in 2010 according to Fareastgizmos, no ship dates or price points were provided. We're hoping to hear more about this ultra-cool all-in-one in the coming months.

  • tommychan
    why don't also make the screen multi-touchable? and how much is it?
  • urlsen
    it`s a pricing on that :)
  • Hiniberus
    Sad part is that I can see it easily going above the 1.5K $ price range. Quite a pity, I'd like to have one but hey, don't get everything you wish for now do ya?
  • back_by_demand
    Don't be fooled by the rocks that it's got...
  • MagicPants
    Could be one of the first devices to use Bit Cauldron glasses, that would be cool.
  • starryman
    Hmmmmm... there's a thing called a laptop.
  • khourig
    Hey it looks just like these old Mac keyboard and monitor I have on my desk.