NEC's 43-inch Curved Monitor On Sale July (Drool)

We don’t need to tell you how amazingly wonderful this display would be for gaming (or pretty much anything, really) but the price is kind of scary. NEC announced via press release that this bad boy is going to set you back just under $8,000. Don't get us wrong, we knew it wouldn't be cheap but it's always a little disappointing to learn that you can't afford something you've been drooling over for ages.

Specs, straight from the release:

The NEC CRV43 curved display includes the following features:* Seamless curved screen, which eliminates bezel and screen gap issues for increased productivity and decreased frustration (according to Center for Human-Computer Interaction - Shupp et al, presented at Graphics Interface 2006)* 2880 x 900 double WXGA native resolution* 200 cd/m² brightness* 0.02ms Rapid Response* 10,000:1 contrast ratio* Wide color gamut with 100% coverage of sRGB and 99.3% coverage of Adobe RGB* Single link DVI-D and HDMI 1.3 input connectors* USB 2.0 connectivity for easy use of peripherals* Front panel controls* On Screen Display (OSD®) and software-based GUI, which enables advanced display control options

If you have eight grand to throw around, you can pick one up in July. We’re willing to bet anyone who buys one of these will say it was worth every penny.

  • aznguy0028 so sexi >_>
  • Tindytim
    So low res for something this large?

    I'll stick with my dual 1920x1200 24" monitors. I could get 4 monitors, with higher resolution, for a sixth of that price.
  • anamaniac
    That thing is a beautiful beast, it really is.

    However I think I'd rather spend $4,000 on a 2600x1560 30" and another $4,000 on a i7/295x2 setup.
  • Spanky Deluxe
    How useless. That's so low res for what it is. A single 2560x1600 display has nearly double the number of pixels. $8000?? I'd rather buy three 30" Displays and a Triple-SLI or Quad-Crossfire solution. It'd be far cheaper and far nicer.
  • zerapio
    I concur with the two posters above. It'd be nice if it was at least 1080 vertical lines.
    Single link DVI-D
    I'm rusty with the spec but is that enough to drive all the pixels?
  • paranoidmage
    It's too bad current games don't support that resolution.
  • bin1127
    ^ good point. can't play games full screen with this.

    guess it's not made for HD either. so it's not for games and not for movies. might make minesweeper more challenging though.
  • @Tindytim
    You could also get 32 15" CRTs, but thats not the point, is it now...

    This is a stepping point...and I like the direction its going in :-)
  • ocpmture
    Abomination. only 900 vertical for $8000.
  • spectrewind
    I'm fairly certaint this thing is NOT designed for gaming. I'm thinking arts and development? At $8K, it would be business expense for a graphics/development seat. Not something a gamer would invest in.