ASRock Radeon VII Phantom Gaming Revealed

An anonymous source has leaked a rendered image of ASRock's forthcoming Radeon VII Phantom Gaming graphics card on the internet. At first sight, the graphics card appears to abide by AMD's reference design with the addition of a couple of Phantom Gaming stickers on the fans.

(Image credit: ASRock)

Ever since ASRock got into the graphics card business, the brand has been one of AMD's more faithful add-in board (AIB) partners. It doesn't come as a complete shock that the Taiwanese manufacturer is one of the first companies to reveal its rendition of the Radeon VII. Sadly, there isn't much to see with this one. Rumor has it there won't be any custom Radeon VII models at launch due to the lack of time.

(Image credit: ASRock)

So far, the ASRock Radeon VII Phantom Gaming seems to be a one-to-one copy to the reference Radeon VII. ASRock added stickers to the three fans to put its Phantom Gaming sub-brand out there. The Radeon VII comes with a full-cover metallice backplate,, and ASRock will maintain the same reference design on its ASRock Radeon VII Phantom Gaming. The graphics card still comes with two 8-pin PCIe power connectors, three DisplayPort outputs, and an HDMI port for display outputs.

In regard to the specifications, the ASRock Radeon VII Phantom Gaming is expected to abide by AMD's rules. The graphics card is built around the Vega 20 silicon, which is produced on TSMC's 7nm FinFET manufacturing process. It sports 3,840 stream processors and 16GB of HBM2 memory. The Radeon VII runs at a 1,400MHz base clock but has a boost clock that hits 1,750MHz. The memory communicates across a 4,096-bit memory interface to pump out a memory bandwidth of up to 1 TB/s, which AMD has been keen to remind us every with opportunity it gets.

According to AMD's internal tests, the Radeon VII is reportedly 28.5 percent faster than the Radeon RX Vega 64 and is capable of trading blows with Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2080. We'll see if this is true soon enough as the Radeon VII is slated to launch on February 7th with a $699 price tag.

Zhiye Liu
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  • Kepalajamuran
    Priced at $700 and can trade blows with RTX 2080? I'm in!
  • timtiminhouston
    I just want to say I like Asrock as a company and when I upgrade I will certainly consider them for a GPU based on how much effort they put into making my motherboard perfect despite the fact they are no longer producing it. I have the x370 Gaming Professional and it took them over a year to get it perfect because they added too many features, but now that it is perfect after the new firmware it is the best motherboard I have ever owned. My last Asrock mb, a 990FX Extreme4, lasted 8 years overclocked to the max, and I expect this one to last at least as long: if they make their cards with the same obsession I will jump on them.
  • littleleo
    Reality is never as good as the hype, we shall have to wait and see in this case as well. We can all hope this time it isn't too far off.
  • ohenryy
    Said who there wouldn't be enough Vega VII on sale! Good to see this news...