Charge Your Laptop and Phone with this $19 Aukey Charger

Aukey PA-D3 Charger
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If your laptop can charge over USB Type-C, chances are that the "power brick" which came with it is much bulkier than it needs to be. With a number of great Amazon Prime day tech deals on USB-C laptop chargers (some of which are among the best USB-C laptop chargers) this is a great time to buy yourself a highly-portable power adapter at an affordable price.

Right now, Aukey, a leader in the portable charging and power bank space, has some incredible Prime day deals on USB-C power adapters. Perhaps the best of these sales is on the Aukey PA-D3, a 63-watt charger that includes both a type-C port for your laptop and a USB-Type A port you can use to charge a phone or tablet at the same time.

Aukey PA-D3 63W charger: was $27 now $19 @Amazon

Aukey PA-D3 63W charger: was $27 now $19 @Amazon
This lightweight charger has both USB Type-C and Type-A ports so it can juice your laptop and phone simultaneously. To get the PA-D3 at this price, click the coupon box and also enter code N4HDF32M at checkout.

While the PA-D3 is not Aukey's smallest charger -- that distinction is reserved for the company's new Omnia line of GaN-powered chargers -- it's more than slim enough to fit in a tiny pocket of your bag. The Omnia chargers cost quite a bit more and, because they are more compact, tend to have warmer skin temps.

I personally own a PA-D3, which I bought last year and used on a business trip in January. I really like not only the performance and compact size of this charger, but also its stylish black, yellow and green color scheme, something that's missing from the Omnia line.

If you want a similar charger but with two USB-C ports, Aukey's PA-D5 is also on sale, but for $20.99. You'll need to clip the coupon there and enter discount code N4HDF32M at checkout.

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