Bitspower Lotan VGA Water Blocks Cool RTX Cards With Colorful Style

In an effort to expand options in the full cover GPU market, Bitspower has released the new Lotan series full cover water block. The block is made to fit Nvidia GeForce RTX 20-series graphics cards, including the new Super cards. The acrylic top contains a replaceable RGB LED strip lighting up the water flow path for lighting up your PC build. The block was engineered to provide good cooling capabilities while still maintaining an elegant look. 

The Lotan VGA block runs the full length of the video card and is coated with a nickel and chromium plate finish over a copper base plate. The water path is cut so that it can have the most contact over the GPU and VRM area. Additionally, above the GPU core area, there are 0.5mm fins for increased heat dissipation. The water channels design is said to reduce and eliminate air bubbles quickly. 

Included with the block is a black aluminum back plate with the Bitspower logo on it, as well as a silver I/O bracket. Adding to the look is the integrated digital RGB strip, which lights up the whole block. The RGB lighting is controlled through the Bitspower Digital RGB software and is certified for use with Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and ASRock Polychrome RGB ecosystems. The strip attaches to a motherboard via 4-pin (RGB) and 3-pin (aRGB) headers. 


Compatibility for this block is wide ranging from the RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti Founders Edition, down to some RTX 2060 cards. Below is a list from the Bitspower website that shows exactly which cards are supported, a total of 64, including the Titan RTX.

International pricing was not listed, but Bitspower's website currently has it for 1,475 TWD, which is about $140. 

Photo Credits: Bitspower

Joe Shields
Motherboard Reviewer

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  • Th_Redman
    Why does everything involved with hardware components have to have RGB lighting?
  • farnell121
    Th_Redman said:
    Why does everything involved with hardware components have to have RGB lighting?
    Why do they use the word VGA? Introducing the new EVGA 2080Ti BNC edition