Streamline your resin 3D printing workflow with this $149 Elegoo wash and cure bundle

Elegoo wash and cure stations
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Black Friday doesn't officially arrive for a couple more days, but the best deal of the holiday season for resin 3D printer enthusiasts may have just dropped at Newegg. This complete Elegoo Mercury XS wash and cure station will make the messy task of finishing your resin prints a breeze.

The Elegoo Mercury XS bundle includes a wash station, used to wash excess resin from a resin 3D print, typically with isopropyl alcohol (although you can get water-soluble resin now). The wash station can take up to two Elegoo Mars 2 Pro build plates, or it can take one of the larger Elegoo Saturn build plates. In numbers, this is 200 x 260mm, a large space by resin 3D printer standards. You can clean your prints directly on the build plate, or remove them and wash them in the included basket.

Also included is a cure station, which is not a place where we regain health or listen to 1980s rock bands. Instead, it uses a series of UV LEDs with Fresnel lenses to bathe the object in UV. This will trigger the resin to cure and harden as it rotates in the curing chamber.

Timers on both stations mean that your prints will not suffer any issues in the post-processing phase of the print.

Elegoo Mercury XS Bundle with Wash and Cure Station: now $149 at Newegg

Elegoo Mercury XS Bundle with Wash and Cure Station: now $149 at Newegg (was $299)
This bundle offers a faster and more efficient way of post-processing your print models. There is one station for curing and another station for cleaning, allowing you to do both jobs at the same time. Compatible with Elegoo Saturn and Mars series 3D printers.

If you are seriously into resin 3D printing, then you can see the benefits of this bundle. You'll save money and have a streamlined processing workflow for your resin 3D prints.

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