CES 2019 Day 4 Wrap-Up: Tom's Hardware Awards and Radeon VII Followups

Things are starting to slow down at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Major companies front-loaded many of their announcements for CES 2019, leaving the assembled tech journalists to make their rounds through some of the smaller booths set up at the annual consumer tech conference. Some companies also shared new details about the products they revealed at the show, however.

So things haven’t ground to a halt quite yet, but if you're looking for the best new tech we've seen so far, check out our Tom’s Hardware CES 2019 Awards! There you can find our picks for the best gadgets, from the usual components and peripherals to exciting VR tech and robots, at the show. You can also check out our previous coverage here: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of CES 2019.

More on AMD’s Radeon VII

Perhaps the biggest news from CES 2019 was the revelation of AMD’s Radeon VII, which is the world’s first 7m gaming GPU, and chatter about the product didn’t stop just because the sun set on Las Vegas:

Pretty Lights (and Parts)

It wouldn’t feel like 2019 if companies weren’t rushing to put RGB lighting in their products, developing platforms to control RGB lighting in other products, or otherwise doing something involving a bunch of multicolored LEDs. See:

The Best of the Rest

Here's the best of the rest of our coverage, that didn't quite fit neatly into other categories:

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Nathaniel Mott
Freelance News & Features Writer

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