CES 2019 Day 3 Wrap-Up: Meet the World's First 7nm GPU

CES 2019 is well under way. That means that at this point our team on the ground has likely worn holes in their shoes, used every spare battery charger they packed, and forgotten what it was like not to behold the future of consumer technology every 30 seconds for at least 16 hours straight. It also means we're back with another wrap-up so you can find all the news you missed from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

You can find our coverage from Day 1 and Day 2 of CES 2019 at their respective links.

AMD Comes to Play With First 7nm GPU

We've already noted how some of the biggest companies often compete to capture the most attention at CES. That's why Nvidia made a keynote address before the show even officially started, Intel showed off a bunch of new processors, and other companies are likely to make their own "this is the future!" announcements over the next few days. Today it was AMD's turn, and hell if the company didn't bring out the big guns:

Core Components (And Peripherals to Match)

The news from today was much easier to categorize than previous days. We got all the strange robots out of our systems... at least until we discover another one later in the week. As for today, the name of the game appeared to be announcing new parts for your next build, along with a smattering of keyboards and gaming desks. Here are some of the more notable components and peripherals we saw on the CES show floor:

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Nathaniel Mott
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