Enermax Is On A Roll, Outs New CPU Coolers At Computex

In addition to the new PSUs and computer cases it announced at Computex, Enermax has some goodies for all you water cooling aficionados out there.

First up, we have the NEOChanger reservoir with a built-in pump and RGB functionality. The company claims the NEOChanger is the world's first reservoir/pump combo with the ability to be synchronized with RGB motherboards. The reservoir comes in 200/300/400ml capacities and the ability to adjust pump speeds from 1,500 to 4,000rpm in 150rpm increments. The unit is equipped with a speed meter with a built in red digital display. NEOChanger RGB reservoir/pump combo will be available in June with a price tag ranging from $110 for the 200ml version to $130 for the 400ml.

Additionally, it looks like Enermax is reviving its LIQTech line of all-in-one coolers with the LIQTech II. This completely redesigned cooler is equipped with a dual pump design, a 400W TDP, and will be offered in sizes ranging from 240 to 360mm. The LIQTech II reportedly will feature a gesture sensitive control that allows users to adjust the water block color by waving your hands (think Jedi mind trick). Enermax’s LIQTech II will be available in June with a price tag ranging from $120 to $140.