ID-Cooling Announces IS-50X: 130W, Low Profile CPU Cooler

ID-Cooling recently released a new low profile CPU cooler designed for both AMD and Intel systems in the IS-50X. The all black heatsink uses five direct touch heat pipes and a 120mm fan for a listed 130W TDP capacity - all of this while fitting within a 120 x 120 x 55mm footprint made for small form factor PCs.

The IS-50X is a variant of the existing IS-50 cooler with the only difference being the black color as opposed to nickel plated non 'x' version. The cooler is 55mm tall including the 120 x 15mm fan mounted on top. This short height allows it to fit in smaller chassis such as HTPC's or portable gaming systems. A PWM controlled hydraulic bearing fan uses 13 curved blades spinning from 600-1600-RPM yielding over 53 CFM blowing through the all-aluminum fins. Noise is said to peak at 30.2 dB(A), so it should be fairly quiet even at full speed.

The fin array itself has two tiers, which gives the cooler a bit more clearance outside of the socket space which should allow for better placement. The offset fin design, which has the cooler hanging over the I/O area and not covering the RAM, shouldn't get in the way of tall RAM modules as it is not hanging over the top. The five copper heat pipes make direct contact with the CPU's heat spreader and bend their way into the thicker part of the fin stack. 

Compatibility for the IS-50X is for both Intel and AMD systems covering sockets LGA1151/1150/1155/1156 (Intel) and AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+/AM4 on the AMD side for a wide range of support. 

Pricing was not listed, but the IS-50 (non-x) version was found on Newegg on sale for $33 (regularly priced at $53 through a 3rd party seller). We expect to see these available soon. 

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Joe Shields
Motherboard Reviewer

Joe Shields is a Freelance writer for Tom’s Hardware US. He reviews motherboards.