In Win Launches A1 ITX Case With Built-In Wireless Charger

The In Win A1 is a new compact ITX chassis that features a built-in wireless-charging spot on its top panel and a pre-installed PSU with pre-routed cables.

For the past several years, In Win has been bringing consistently high-quality and innovative products to the market. Today, it is one of few companies that people who value unique design and luxurious build quality can turn to for their chassis. Beyond its most exclusive “Signature” products, In Win produces a range of mid-range to high-end chassis. Like many of its contemporaries, In Win also produces PSUs and fans.

At last year’s Computex, In Win revealed a prototype compact ITX chassis called the Gaming Cube A1. Its big innovation was a top panel made from wood. Just over half a year later, In Win has launched the production version, and it’s simply called the A1. The obvious difference here is the loss of the wooden top panel; the A1 now sports a glass top panel with an embedded Qi wireless charger. The glass continues to the left-side panel, which can be easily removed by pulling two plungers. Elsewhere, the case is painted steel. The whole thing sits on a clear plastic base lit by a 4-pin RGB-LED strip.

Everyone who’s worked on an ITX build knows that the confined space can be a problem for standard ATX PSUs and their overly long cables. To make things more convenient, the In Win A1 comes with a pre-installed 600W, Bronze-certified PSU with pre-routed cables. There are two 6+2-pin connectors for more demanding graphics cards. Thanks to the efficient use of space, the A1 can fit CPU coolers up to 160mm in height, a graphics card up to 300mm in length, two 2.5” drives, and up to four 120mm fans. Water cooling is limited to a single 120mm radiator, which can only be mounted at the rear, however.

Availability of the A1 will begin in mid-May, but In Win didn’t announce an MSRP. It comes in black and white versions.

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ProductIn Win A1 ITX Case
TypeCompact Cube
Motherboard SupportMini-ITX
Dimensions (W x D x H)210 x 355.5 x 273mm
Space Above MotherboardUnknown
Card Length300mm
Power Supply Format600W 80 Plus Bronze (Included)
External BaysX
Internal Bays2 x 2.5”
Card Slots2
Port/Jacks2 x USB 3.0, Mic In, Audio Out
OtherEmbedded Qi Wireless Charger
Front FansX
Rear Fans1 x 120mm
Top FansX
Side Fans1 x 120mm
  • Ninjawithagun
    I currently own an NCASE M1 and love it. I am definitely interested in taking a closer look at this case.
  • alextheblue
    I hope that's a 10W "Fast Charge" Qi charger.
  • atavax
    the cooler solutions don't look the best imo. Also not a fan of having an included PSU. I already have a sfx-l psu so i would be buying something i don't need.
  • iopssopi
    Four Problems with this case :

    1- The width is too much for ITX case , for nothing ... This case should be the same width of the 301c Case 188mm.

    2- No one likes to be forced to buy a power supply with the case. ONLY in one case , had it been external power supply and the space used for the power supply used for 240 RAD.

    3-The TGlass window black edges are very wide and this is already a small case.

    4- no USB-C port.

    Inwin , Just make the same 301C case with 2 slots .. alot better than this case.