Lian Li O11D Mini case + 750W SFX PSU combo is only $149.99 for Cyber Monday

Lian Li O11D Mini + SP750 SFX PSU Bundle
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Lian Li is offering a great case and power supply combo this Cyber Monday featuring its O11D-Mini computer chassis and SP750 SPX power supply. Usually, the bundles are listed at $199.99, but Lian Li is discounting it to just $149.99, making this case and power supply an excellent option for your next PC build.

The unique combination of the O11D Mini paired with the SP750 SPX PSU perfectly fits the case's hardware requirements. Due to the unique design of the O11D Mini, it cannot accommodate a standard ATX power supply, instead requiring a much smaller SFX or SFX-L form factor unit you'd usually find in compact Mini-ITX systems.

Despite its name, the O11D Mini actually supports ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards. However, to take full advantage of the chassis' liquid cooling capabilities, you'll want to go with a Mini-ITX motherboard.

Lian Li O11D Mini Computer Chassis + SP750 SFX PSU Bundle: now $149.99 at Newegg

Lian Li O11D Mini Computer Chassis + SP750 SFX PSU Bundle: now $149.99 at Newegg (was $199.99)

The case is a miniature version of the highly acclaimed O11 Dynamic, sporting a modular back panel design, brushed aluminum construction, front and side glass panels, and support for up to nine 140mm or 120mm fans. Radiator support is just as expensive, featuring support for 360mm rads simultaneously at the top and bottom, as well as an additional 280mm radiator on the side.

The O11D Mini is aimed at builders looking for a very aesthetically pleasing case that also features an extensive amount of customizability. The case features ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX support, and the motherboard placement can also be adjusted upwards or downwards — when utilizing the Micro ATX and Mini ITX configurations — depending on your needs. This capability is handy for custom-cooled setups that need extra space to install extra-thick radiators at the bottom or top of the chassis.

We gave the O11D Mini a positive four-star rating in our review, highlighting its extreme versatility and highly modular adaptability, which is rare in such a "small" form factor. Lian Li does offer an airflow version of this case, with mesh on the front, but sadly, it does not come bundled with a PSU.

Speaking of PSUs, the power supply bundled with the O11D mini is Lian Li's own SP750 SFX unit. It features an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, a fully modular design, Japanese electrolytic capacitors, Zero RPM fan mode, and a brushed aluminum exterior. As the name suggests, it is a 750W-capable unit, allowing it to run high-wattage CPUs and/or GPUs without issue.

Lian Li's bundle offers a great value for what you get. The O11D Mini case and SP750 PSU separately cost $100 and $110 on Newegg (at the time of writing), meaning that the bundle will save you $60. Newegg is even throwing in a bonus $15 gift card with the deal. In other words, you are effectively getting Lian Li's SP750 for half off with this deal. Lian Li's Cyber Monday bundle is a great option if you are looking for a new case and PSU for your next build.

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