Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse Just $35 at Amazon

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Improve your MMO game twenty-fold with this 20-button Logitech G600 gaming mouse. It usually goes for $79 but is available through Amazon for just $35 today.

This offer is one of many deals on tech we're rounding up as the holiday season approaches and the best gaming mouse deal for MMO players today. We're less than two months away from Black Friday but there are plenty of deals between now and then to indulge in, including on the best gaming mice.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse: was $79, now $35 @Amazon

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse: was $79, now $35 @Amazon
This RGB gaming mouse from Logitech is discounted to just $35 at Amazon. It has over 20 buttons that can be programmed with custom functions.

The G600 has 20 total buttons with 12 on the side in the form of a thumb panel. The G-shift button can be used to trigger a second function for each button.

You can customize the RGB backlight behind the buttons, as well. This is a wired USB mouse featuring a laser sensor. It has a maximum DPI of 8200 and a weight of 133 grams.

Visit the Logitech G600 product page at Amazon for more specifications and checkout options. The offer is currently listed without an expiration date.

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  • JeebusSK
    I have been using this mouse for approx 11 year without any issues. The DPI switch is handy in shooters, in MMOs it can switch between different keymaps, The colors can be set to nearly anything and there is almost no wear after 1 year.