Origin PC's Genesis And Millenium Cases Available For Standalone Purchase, Limited Time

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that the case manufacturers aren’t the only ones that are good at building PC cases. Boutique PC builders can also make a nice chassis, although you can never buy their cases as standalone units, only as part of a custom build. Users have endlessly requested the ability to buy standalone custom cases from the likes of Alienware, Digital Storm, Origin PC and more. Now, to celebrate its 5th anniversary, Origin PC is making its Millennium and Genesis PC cases available for standalone orders.

Inside the cases you’ll be able to fit a standard ATX motherboard, four dual-slot graphics cards and large tower CPU coolers. The front of the case offers access to seven 5.25” optical drive bays, two of which are occupied by a 5-bay 3.5” hard drive hot-swap cage. Additionally, there is room for two more 3.5” drives and nine 2.5” drives. A dual-hinge front door covers the lot. The top of the case supports a single 360 mm radiator, in some configurations.

Need more space? The Genesis has a bigger bottom, giving it room for two additional 360 mm water cooling radiators, or if you’re looking for more storage options, Origin says that it gives you room for a total of 34 2.5” drives or 12 3.5” HDDs.

One of the core design ideas behind the Millennium and Genesis cases is that they have a highly customizable design. They are available with a generous number of color options, and motherboards can be mounted in four different orientations: standard ATX, inverted ATX, rotated 90 degrees up, or inverted and rotated by 90 degrees. The 90 degree-rotated designs are for improved heat dissipation (at the cost of practicality), and the inverted designs are for swapping the window placement so that you can conveniently place the case on the other side of your desk without staring onto a black side panel.

Both the cases also come with custom multi-color lighting effects that can be adjusted with a remote control. Four USB 3.0 ports, the standard pair of HD audio jacks and a fan controller handle front I/O connectivity.

Pricing for the cases starts at $399 for the Millennium, with the Genesis starting at $449. These are steep prices, but the cases also offer a lavish amount of room for various hardware configurations. Interested? Grab one quick, because the offer is only for a "limited time."

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  • dovah-chan
    Lower each case price by around $100 and I could see a lot of people buying them. I do admire the hard work Origin has put into their cases. Very exceptional design and unlimited possibilities.

    But still, a 900D could put any boutique PC manufacturer case to shame in my eyes.
  • vmem
    that those prices I can't see them selling many cases.

    people who want watercooling will get something from caselabs

    people who want to air-cool has tons of cheaper options
  • integr8d616
    Or buy a Caselabs case and have something that isn't 99% plastic.