Samsung Introduces Curved 27-inch CF591 FreeSync-Over-HDMI Monitor

Samsung is one of the pioneers of curved displays, first with its TVs and then with its monitors. Although the debate as to whether there is any benefit to a curved display still rages, especially when it comes to TVs, there's no question that for computer monitors, a curve makes them more immersive. At CES, Samsung is introducing the new CF591 27-inch curved monitor.

Samsung already has a 27-inch curved monitor available in the form of the SE591CS that was launched earlier this year. This model is an affordable ($350) 1080p curved display with a VA panel with VGA, DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity. Its radius is 4000R, which Samsung says is the “optimal radius to ensure comfortable viewing” on a 27-inch display.

Well, with the new CF591, we guess Samsung has changed its mind about what is optimal, because this display’s curvature is a much tighter 1800R. Samsung claimed that this level of curvature is much more immersive, and “images have a presence not felt on a traditional 4000R curved screen, making users truly feel like they’re a part of the action.”

Unfortunately, Samsung has been a bit skimpy when it comes to any additional information about this display. Currently, we don’t know its resolution (officially), panel type (likely to be VA), connectivity options or anything else that is important. Samsung did highlight its dual 5 W speakers and frameless design for multi-monitor setups but is keeping everything else to itself for now.

However, this monitor's model number did ring a bell when we first read it. Earlier in December we wrote about AMD’s new Freesync over HDMI technology, and what do you know, the CF591 is listed as one of the upcoming displays with this tech. Also, the handy chart AMD provided us also shows that this monitor will be a 1080p display.

Along with the lack of specification information, we do not currently have availability and pricing details for the CF591, but as a 27-inch 1080p display, we don’t expect it to be very expensive.

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  • Garrek99
    Can't believe the manufacturers are still focusing on 1080p especially on monitors that are larger than 22".
    So many consumers don't understand resolution as a concept that there is still a market for large 1080p monitors.
  • Quixit
    "there's no question that for computer monitors, a curve makes them more immersive"

    I disagree entirely, the reverse pincusion effect is anything but immersive. So yes, there is very much question to the validity of this claim.
  • eltoro
    What about Gsync Samsung? Being free doesn't make it appealing to most of the market, which are NVIDIA video card owners (not counting onboard/on die).