TeamGroup Prepares 16GB DDR5-4800 RAM For Early Q3 2021

TeamGroup Elite DDR5-4800

TeamGroup Elite DDR5-4800 (Image credit: TeamGroup)

TeamGroup is already working with its partners to transition over to the new age of DDR5. The memory specialist plans to release its first DDR5 memory as early as Q3 of next year.

TeamGroup's early DDR5 offerings will hail from the brand's Elite series, so don't expect to see any fancy heat spreaders or dazzling RGB illumination. Those will come at a later date. The Elite DDR5 memory module will arrive with a capacity of 16GB at 4,800 MHz. While the frequency is impressive, it isn't even the top speed we'll see from DDR5. The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has mentioned frequencies up to 6,800 MHz, and SK Hynix even plans to hit 8,400 MHz.

The Elite DDR5-4800 memory module will only command a 1.1V DRAM voltage, the baseline for DDR5. DDR4 ran on 1.2V, so DDR5 looks like a minor adjustment, but we can expect a decrease in power consumption up to 20% in reality. Adhering to JEDEC's specification, TeamGroup's Elite DDR5 memory will also come with onboard voltage regulators and on-die ECC. The latter means that ECC will be available to everyone, and not just specialized DIMMs like in the past.

TeamGroup didn't reveal the timings or the price tag of the Elite DDR5-4800 memory module. Considering that DDR5 is a new standard, the initial timings probably won't be impressive. It's reasonable to see values in the early-to-mid-30s. As with any bleeding-edge technology, DDR5 on a whole likely won't be generous on the pocket at first.  

Zhiye Liu
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