Thermaltake Makes Super-Green Core V51 Chassis With Riing Fans

Almost a year ago Thermaltake announced its Core V51 chassis, but it isn't old just yet. Today, Thermaltake introduced the Core V51 Riing Edition Window Green, and no, the second "i" in "Riing" isn't a mistake.

This case is essentially a Core V51 with a change of theme and a couple of upgrades. Rather than being plain black, it is green, and it comes with green accents all over the place. The front and top grills are green, the drive cages have green accents, and the included fans have green accents, too – all perfect for an Nvidia-themed build.

Inside the case you'll be able to pack up to an E-ATX motherboard, and with its eight expansion slots it has room for up to quad-SLI or CrossFire setups. The case has two 5.25" drive bays, and five 3.5" hard drive bays. 

The case is also "LCS-Certified" by Thermaltake itself, which essentially means that it has excellent support for water cooling gear. There is room for up to a 420 mm radiator up top, a 360 mm unit in the front, a 240 mm radiator in the bottom, and a 120 mm exhaust.

Of course, as with any case, you can't fit all of the above hardware at the same time, so do be sure to check beforehand to make sure that there are no clashes.

Thermaltake includes three fans with the case, all of which are green 140 mm Riing fans. These are air-movers with a high static pressure, and they have a ring that spans around the frame that lights up in green. The fans run at 1400 RPM, or 1000 RPM with the low-noise adapter in use. There is also heaps more room for additional fans.

Thermaltake did not reveal pricing or availability, although you can expect a small premium over the standard Core V51, which sells for between $110 and $120, depending on where you get it.

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Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • de5_Roy
    i like the aesthetics. it's a nice looking cheap-ish case.

    with two i's, the fan name doesn't horrify me any less... :P may be if TT called it RIIng or rIIng or something similar....
  • tom10167
    It turns out Riing is not a typo. Strange name for a product but the fans do look nice.
  • DookieDraws
    The black version is a nice looking case, but I'm not digging this lime green version. Kind of cheapens the case, in my opinion. But it's nice to see case manufacturers offer different colors. I would like to see case manufacturers offer different styling and colors of their case parts. For example; if I owned the Core V51 case, I'd like to be able to purchase a different color front and/or top piece. If I wanted a solid front piece without the drive bay cut-outs, I'd like to be able to purchase it. Not only sale us a case, but offer us a few different options to customize it to our liking, at least for the most popular cases.

    I own the Phanteks Enthoo Pro in black, and I'd like to be able to purchase a front and top piece in a different color, possibly white, red, or silver. I'd also like to be able to purchase a solid front piece without the drive bay cut-outs. I don't mind the front input panel being there, but I could do without them 3 drive bays and would prefer to have the front mesh extend further upward for even more air-intake ability. By the way, the Enthoo Pro is a fine case! Love mine!
  • royalcrown
    I think it'd look even better if the side window was clear or super light grey tint instead of antifreeze green.
  • iam2thecrowe
    I don't mind it, but i do agree the green tinted clear side cover is a bit off putting, needs to be toned down.
  • royalcrown
    I don't mind it either, just be better contrast for the stuff inside thats green. It'd be awesome to have a matching gree MB tray and that black and green MB from Asus or Gigabyte.
  • Lutfij
    TT have been heading downhill since their venture with BMW Designworks. The nomenclature of their products really need sprucing up as they are now going all over the place.

    The green is meh, I agree that they should have opted for a grey tinted window instead of a toxic green pigmentation. Almost certainly reminds me of the UV/EL IDE and sata cables in the late 90's+early 2000's. Time travelling FTW!