Celebrate The Launch Of 'Total War: Warhammer II' With A 360-Degree Video

Creative Assembly’s second iteration in the Total War: Warhammer series is out today. Rather than showing off a traditional launch day trailer, the studio released a 360-degree video on YouTube to show off the game’s many large-scale battles.

The footage shows the conflict from the perspective of the High Elves, specifically the brothers Teclis and Tyrion, who are the most powerful mage and warrior, respectively among the elves. Teclis barely escapes from battle in an effort to ask Tyrion to send more troops to faraway lands. However, Tyrion believes that the focus should be on defending the homeland. Many races and factions, such as the Dark Elves and Skaven, are after the powerful Vortex, which is currently draining the world of magic and keeping the forces of Chaos at bay. In the hands of more evil groups, however, the Vortex can be a powerful weapon.

Even though the game is already available, Creative Assembly has future plans in the works. Additional Legendary Lords, who are available to use in combat, and a mysterious “experiment” are coming, but the main attraction for post-launch content is Mortal Empires. This massive update combines factions and settlements from both Total War: Warhammer titles in order to provide an even longer conquest campaign.

If you didn’t pre-order the game, you can still purchase Total War: Warhammer II today for $60. Before you buy it, make sure that your current PC build meets the hardware requirements. The spec sheet includes only Intel CPUs, but you can look up the AMD alternative on our CPU hierarchy page.

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NameTotal War: Warhammer II
TypeStrategy, Fantasy
DeveloperCreative Assembly
Where To BuySteam
Release DateSeptember 28, 2017
  • mellis
    My PC is still built on the i7 3930K. I do use Hand Brake some, but I still do not see the need for an upgrade yet. I think I'll wait and see what the summer of 2018 brings.
  • RomeoReject
    This game is so much fun already...