Best UK Prime Day PC Deals 2019

Looking for some hot UK Prime Day deals? We’ve got you covered!

Like Black Friday, Prime Day started out as an American only event, but over the last few years we’ve been starting to see a lot more deals (and better ones at that) pop up across the pond in the UK as well.

So hold onto your hats folk, and grab that cuppa, whilst we scribble down a selection of the very best UK deals that we can find.

Logtech C920 HD Pro Webcam - £25.19 (57% off)

Perfect for the streamer starting out.

Question: Do you have a HD webcam? If no, why not? Especially when a deal like this exists? Logitech’s C920 HD Pro webcam has been the staple deal of many a Black Friday and Prime Day deal, and with good reason. It’s an impeccably affordable, foray into a decent HD webcam, well worth any would be streamer, or video conference guy’s time.

  • Grab your Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam at (£33 off)

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HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - £52 (31% off)

£52 on a mechanical Cherry MX keyboard!

Fed up of over the top designs, too many RGB lights? Want to get back to the basics, the HyperX Alloy FPS may be right up your alloy. Feature Cherry MX Red switches, this keyboard, at this price is the perfect board to start your first foray into the world of the mechanical switch.

  • The HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Keyboard is available at (£23 off)

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Corsair K95 Platinum RGB Rapid Fire - £126 (26% off)

The Corsair K95 Platinum is feature packed perfection.

Corsair’s K95 Platinum is the king of the hill when it comes to the company’s mechanical keyboard lineup, featuring more features than you can shake a switch at, this full sized juggernaut, combines everything from dedicated macro keys, to media switches, to integrated light bars, fancy wrist rests, and even some bespoke Cherry MX Speeeeed switches too.

  • Corsair’s K95 Platinum RGB Rapid Fire is available at (£44 off)

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Sandisk 1TB SSD Plus 2.5-inch SSD - £83 (25% off)

It's not all about PCIe. This 1TB 2.5-inch still packs a punch for games and media

Even more SSD goodness. This time for those with plenty of SATA ports to spare. Check out this handy Sandisk 1TB SSD Plus, on sale for a pretty nifty £83. Sure it’s not Samsung 870 Pro, or PCIe SSD master piece, but for mass storage of multiple programs, and media, this thing will rip up the sequential rule book.

  • Pick up your Sandisk 1TB SSD Plus at (£27 off)

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Acer Predator XB271HU 27” WQHD Gaming Monitor - £490 (30% off)

2560x1440, 165 Hz, IPS, G-Sync? Acer's AB271HU ticks all the boxes

The true pinnacle of 27-inch spec. When these panels first launched at £700 they were the talk of the town. G-Sync, 165 Hz, IPS panels, with a 4ms response time. Perfect color reproduction, and perfect for enjoyment of everything from FPS to RPG to MMOs and even Photoshop. At £210 off though? Well dang son, what’s not to love?

  • Pick up your Acer Predator XB271HU Monitor at (£210 off)

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