DeepCool introduces new coolers, power supplies, fans and PC cases — with Pixel silicone bits offering decorative options

DeepCool Assassin IV VC CPU Cooler
(Image credit: DeepCool)

DeepCool showed a bunch of new hardware at Computex 2024, with new air and liquid coolers for CPUs, plus fans, PC cases, and power supplies that comply with the latest Intel ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 standards. DeepCool has options ready for the newly introduced standards, including motherboards with reversed side connectors. Additionally, it expanded on a couple of its CPU cooler models while also providing some decorative options that will appeal to aesthetically minded users.

CPU coolers for air and water 

DeepCool says it improved its coolers compared to the previous iteration and introduced the Assassin IV VC Vision CPU cooler that has a vapor chamber in its base. This provides for better heat transfer and it's capable of cooling CPUs rated with for up to 300 watts TDP. The cooler also has a built-in display to show data about CPU usage, temperature, power draw, and clock speed.

DeepCool has had its AK620 and AK400 CPU coolers with similar display systems in the market available for a while, and we already reviewed the former. The difference between these is that the Assassin IV VC has a vapor chamber on the heat base. A few months ago, we reviewed the DeepCool Assassin 4S CPU cooler that doesn't have the display or the vapor chamber, so it will be interesting to see how much of an improvement it provides.

DeepCool AN400 CPU Cooler for SFF builds

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Additionally, DeepCool has new low-profile AN400 series CPU coolers to ensure adequate cooling for compact PC builds, with a choice of nickel-plated and black-anodized heatsinks. There are no bells or whistles, which means no RGB something that many HTPC builders will appreciate.

In related news, Noctua introduced its NH-L12Sx77 low-profile cooler recently that allows clearance for tall RAM sticks and heatsinks. These low-profile CPU coolers are useful for mini-ITX system builders as they can provide good enough cooling within the space constraints, as many larger coolers won't fit within diminutive ITX cases.

DeepCool LP Matrix AIO CPU Coolers with 240mm and 360mm variants.

(Image credit: DeepCool)

For liquid cooling, DeepCool introduced its LP Matrix AIO series that has a dot matrix screen on its waterblock, along with a fifth generation pump and ARGB effects on the fans and the sides of the display. It's available in both 240mm and 360mm form factors.

The dot-matrix screen on these blocks seems to be customizable, more than what you can do with typical air cooler displays. Many people may not find it useful to display the CPU status all the time. Being able to show other graphics may appeal to such users, letting them make their PCs stand out.

PC chassis, accessories and new power supplies

For BTF form factor motherboards coming from Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte, DeepCool showcased its CH560R series PC cases that provide the needed compatibility with the back-side connectors. Elsewhere, the CH160 Mesh ITX case series provides space for taller air coolers and some of the larger graphics cards. To complement its mini-ITX footprint, it also has monitoring screens. Both cases should provide ample airflow for all the components, though noise could be a concern.

DeepCool also added its digital monitoring screen to its mini-ITX case, creating the CH170 Digital ITX that can be seen toward the bottom of the front panel. The CH160 Mesh ITX case also shows the 'Pixels' bits that allow you to install silicone molds made by DeepCool the company. These can be installed in currently available cases and will also be compatible with future models.

DeepCool also showed newer iterations of its 120mm and 140mm fans called the FD12 and FD14 series, available in black and white, as well as with or without ARGB support. Like many other fan makers, DeepCool uses its own proprietary 8-pin daisy chain cables that also allow lighting control.

The PN-M series power supplies now has a 12V-2x6 connector for Nvidia graphics cards, along with support for up to five EPS and PCIe connectors. The PX-S is an SFX power supply that also includes a 12V-2x6 cable with variants up to 1,000 watts. Both series support Intel ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 standards.

DeepCool cases and power supplies are designed to be future-ready, with support for the latest motherboards designs and power supply standards. The company has been making PC accessories for a while now and tends to do a good job, and the new ability to customize cases with silicone bits may appeal to a certain demographic. We look forward to seeing the retail products over the coming months.

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  • thestryker
    The most exciting thing in there to me is definitely the vapor chamber being added to the Assassin IV. It seems like this is a logical place for high end air coolers to go now that neither AMD or Intel will have their CPU cores in the center anymore.
  • Lucky_SLS
    thestryker said:
    The most exciting thing in there to me is definitely the vapor chamber being added to the Assassin IV. It seems like this is a logical place for high end air coolers to go now that neither AMD or Intel will have their CPU cores in the center anymore.

    This could be the NH D15 G2 rival in the making.
  • Notton
    Having tried out a few DeepCool heatsinks and AIOs, they really need to work on QC.
    Sometimes their early batches have loud bearings in the fan or motor and it ruins any benefit they may have.