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In Pictures: Four ATX Cases Perfect For High-Capacity Water Cooling

Forward-Facing Ports

Top-panel ports are usually preferred for systems that slide under your desk, while front-panel ports are far easier to reach with a machine on your desk. Azza approaches both markets by facing its top-panel ports forward. Accessible eSATA eats up the space that would have been needed for a second USB 3.0 port, though two USB 2.0 ports are also present.

Front Hard Drive Access

Evidence that the Hurrican 2000 is a professional case repurposed for gamers comes from its classy finish and added features. A front-panel door holds two 120 mm fans with filters, and hides six externally-accessible 3.5” internal drive trays.

None of the drive trays natively support 2.5” drives, so Azza adds two 2.5” adapters. Because the 2.5” adapters don’t line up with backplane connectors, only the top four trays have the backplane feature.

Hurrican Winds

In addition to the expected front, rear, and top fans, both side panels of the Hurrican 2000 are actively cooled. The right side gets a single 120 mm exhaust fan designed specifically to draw heat away from the back of the CPU socket.

Two large grommets protect the lines of a single external liquid cooler, while a smaller third grommet allows cable pass-through to the I/O panel for the Hurrican 2000’s single USB 3.0 connector.

Cramped Cables

With little space behind its motherboard tray, the Hurrican 2000 relies on an extended side panel to make room for cable stowage. The plate itself also has very few cable access holes, though we were able to place a test system neatly inside.

Quasi Fan-Control

We don’t usually complain when a manufacturer copies the best feature of a competitor, but the Hurrican 2000’s fan control doesn't replicate the best implementations we've seen. Similar to a few other vendors, controllers soldered directly to power wires switch only the two top fans. Installation of replacement fans requires these controllers to be removed. That also affects the aftermarket fans we'll be adding for our liquid-cooling solution.

Hurrican 2000 Dust Control

Dust filters on the Hurrican 2000’s power supply mount and optional bottom intake fan can be slid out from the side, allowing for easy cleaning without the need to tip the case. Exhaust fans get clean air from intakes, leaving only the side fans unprotected.

Eye Of The Hurrican

With seven expansion slots and support for up to 13.6” –wide motherboards, the Hurrican 2000 looks almost tiny compared to other cases that accommodate 360 mm radiators. On the other hand, it’s still big enough to hold an Extended ATX motherboard and every graphics card currently in our lab.

Added And Subtracted Features

Azza’s 3.5” backplane trays don’t support 2.5” SSDs, so Azza adds adapter trays. Those adapter trays don’t align 2.5” drives with backplane connectors though, so Azza omits the connectors entirely. As a result, only four of the trays are pluggable from outside, only two of the trays support 2.5” drives, and these features exclude each other.

Under The Big Top

The Hurrican 2000 gets monster-sized exhaust from a pair of 230 mm top-mounted fans. That’s the same space we’ll use for our triple 120 mm-fan radiator in the case’s upcoming performance evaluation.

Cooler Master Cosmos II

Rather than simply apply a nicer-looking finish, Cooler Master clads its Cosmos II in a more elegant material. Black, anodized, brushed aluminum is used for the exterior portion of its multi-layer side panels.

Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • hellfire24
    Cosmos II is a dream case!but it's very expensive for me :(
    Azza Hurricane 2000 is an excellent case.a friend of mine runs a 965 EE and 6970 Xfire and it runs very cool.
    Star of the Show was NZXT Switch 810!!!:D
    plenty of features for a reasonable price!
    hell better than my armour+
    it's time to collect some bucks lolll!! ;)
  • aliened
    With the exception of the NZXT, every single one of them is ugly as hell...
  • hellfire24
    Cosmos II is a beauty!
  • greenrider02
    What a teeeeaaaaaase show me the liquid systems! Want the NZXT
  • I like how the Cosmos II has door hinges. It reminded me when i was young child thinking about how cars could fly by just flapping the doors.
  • What about the Haf-X? That's one of the highest rated cases on the market! It's affordable, plenty of space, and it can fit a triple radiator!
  • LongpastPNR
    Water Cooling = just another way to waste hard earned income but I will stick to air thank you it is all around us and abundant no need for scarscity LOL.
  • CaedenV
    LongpastPNRWater Cooling = just another way to waste hard earned income but I will stick to air thank you it is all around us and abundant no need for scarscity LOL.Agreed! I use to want a water cooled system so badly, until I realized how effective mass amounts of copper can be! If done right it is just as quiet, just as heavy, just as effective, but much less cost!

    there is a little kid in me that still wants to do the mineral oil PC though... but maybe I will do it with my kid some day :)
  • Crashman
    crabmanWhat about the Haf-X? That's one of the highest rated cases on the market! It's affordable, plenty of space, and it can fit a triple radiator!Cooler Master chose the Cosmos II instead, probably because there's more promotional value in new products :)
  • hellfire24
    @LongPNR and caedenv-
    watercooling is not just a's a hobby!
    if you don'twant then don't do it.stay on air but don't call it a waste :non: .
    remember,i agree we can achieve overclocks on air but it can never match an enthusiast's liquid cooling setup! :sarcastic: