Best of Computex 2019: Overclocked with Innovations

Best SSD: Gigabyte Aorus NVMe Gen4 SSD

The PCIe 4.0 era is upon us, courtesy of AMD’s third-gen Ryzen processors, and new, faster SSDs are paving the path to blazing storage performance. Gigabyte’s Aorus PCIe 4.0 SSD comes with Phison’s latest E16 SSD controller and pushes out 5 GB/s of read performance and up to 4.4 GB/s of write performance. That type of speed is sure to kick up some heat, but the Aorus comes with a hefty solid copper heatsink that won’t break a sweat. The drive comes in a 2TB capacity for $299, while the 1TB and 500GB models retail for $269 and $269, respectively. That’s a fairly tidy sum for the fastest flash-based SSD on the market. -- Paul Alcorn

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Best Keyboard: SteelSeries Apex Pro

Once upon a time, magnetism was seen as witchcraft. And if we’re honest, that’s kinda what this keyboard feels like today. Pure witchcraft. Now, adjustable actuation points on keyboards aren’t anything new, we’ve seen that before. However, what SteelSeries has managed to do with its latest Apex Pro is nothing short of awe inspiring.

You can adjust the actuation from anywhere between 0.4mm and 3.6mm, that’s a huge breadth, and what’s more impressive is it feels identical to a Cherry MX Red. Couple that with an overly sleek new design aesthetic, OLED display, volume wheel, illuminated LED passthrough, magnetic wrist rest, and versions ranging from full size all the way down to ten keyless, in any switch combination you can imagine, and there really is no other choice for a high end keyboard award winner this year. -- Zak Storey

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Best Mouse: Cooler Master MM710

Do you like holes? Do you like mice that weigh less than a Twix bar? Well then you sir and/or madam are in the right place. Cooler Master’s MM710, at its lightest comes in at just under 52g, that’s 1.8 ounces. Combine that with a world class sensor from the likes of PixArt, capable of driving CPIs up to 32,000, and you’re quickly on to a winner with Cooler Master’s latest mouse. If the world of eSports and multiplayer twitch reaction gameplay is your domain, then maybe, just maybe the MM710 is the right pixel pitching boy for you. -- Zak Storey

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Best Headset: Patriot Viper V380

The Viper V380 gaming headset has a trifecta of comfort, style and features. This USB-connected pair of cans is incredibly light and has soft cups that fit cover even large ears, without smushing them. An environmental noise-cancelling microphone lets you talk to friends, without them hearing you clacking away on your keyboard. Best of all, its RGB lights add a welcome splash of color to simple, but elegant design -- Avram Piltch

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Best RGB: Team Group Spark Flash Drive

Often RGB lighting is an added-on frill accomplishing nothing more than indulging the eyes. The T-Force Spark Flash Drive (yes, we said RGB flash drive) has colorful lights that actually serve a function in telling you how much storage is being used. The tasteful light at the back goes from green to orange to red as you run out of storage space. -- Scharon Harding

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