10 DVD Burners: 16x and Dual-Layer - or Nothing!

DVD-RW And DVD+RW Writing

Blank-Media Compatibility

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ModelDVD+R 8xDVD+R 8xDVD+R 16xDVD+R 8x
Media CodeMCC 003RICOHJPNR02Philips C16CMC MAG E01
PackagingCD caseCD caseCD caseSlim CD case
DVD Recorders Tested
Asus DRW-1604P (fw : 1.10)12x12x4x16x
BenQ DW-1620 (fw : B7K9)12x16x16x8x
LG GSA-4160B (fw : B7K9)12x12x16x8x
Lite-On SOHW-1633S (fw : BS0H)8x8x8x8x
Nec ND-3500A (fw : 2.17)8x12x8x8x
Philips DVDRW-1640P (fw : P2.2)8x8x16x8x
Pioneer DVR-A08XLA (fw : 1.14)12x12x4x16x
Samsung TS-H552B (fw : TS04)8x8x8x8x
Sony DRU-710A (fw : BY02)8x8x8x8x
TDK 1616N (fw : 2.78)8xnot tested8x8x
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ModelDVD+R 8xDVD+R 8xDVD-R 8x
PackagingDVD caseCD caseCD case
DVD Recorders Tested
Asus DRW-1604P (fw : 1.10)12x12x12x
BenQ DW-1620 (fw : B7K9)16x12x8x
LG GSA-4160B (fw : B7K9)12x12x8x
Lite-On SOHW-1633S (fw : BS0H)8xnot testednot tested
Nec ND-3500A (fw : 2.17)12x16x8x
Philips DVDRW-1640P (fw : P2.2)8x8xnot tested
Pioneer DVR-A08XLA (fw : 1.14)12x12x12x
Samsung TS-H552B (fw : TS04)8x8x8x
Sony DRU-710A (fw : BY02)8xnot testednot tested
TDK 1616N (fw : 2.78)12x16x8x
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ModelDVD+R 8xDVD+R 16xDVD+R DL 2,4x
PackagingCD caseCD caseCD case
DVD Recorders Tested
Asus DRW-1604P (fw : 1.10)4x4x2,4x
BenQ DW-1620 (fw : B7K9)12x16x2,4x
LG GSA-4160B (fw : B7K9)8x4x2,4x
Lite-On SOHW-1633S (fw : BS0H)8x8x2,4x
Nec ND-3500A (fw : 2.17)8x4x2,4x
Philips DVDRW-1640P (fw : P2.2)8x16x2,4x
Pioneer DVR-A08XLA (fw : 1.14)8x4x2,4x
Samsung TS-H552B (fw : TS04)4x12x2,4x
Sony DRU-710A (fw : BY02)8x8x2,4x
TDK 1616N (fw : 2.78)4x4x2,4x
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ModelDVD+R 8xDVD-R 8xDVD+R 16xDVD+R DL 2,4x
Media CodeMCC 003MCC 02RG20MCC 004MKM 001
PackagingCD caseCD caseSlim CD caseCD case
DVD Recorders Tested
Asus DRW-1604P (fw : 1.10)12x12x16x4x
BenQ DW-1620 (fw : B7K9)12x12x16x2,4x
LG GSA-4160B (fw : B7K9)12x8x16x2,4x
Lite-On SOHW-1633S (fw : BS0H)8x8x16x2,4x
Nec ND-3500A (fw : 2.17)8x12x16x4x
Philips DVDRW-1640P (fw : P2.2)8x8x16x2,4x
Pioneer DVR-A08XLA (fw : 1.14)12x12x12x4x
Samsung TS-H552B (fw : TS04)8x8x16x2,4x
Sony DRU-710A (fw : BY02)8x8x16x2,4x
TDK 1616N (fw : 2.78)8xnot tested16x4x
  • sasquatch451
    Please report noise levels in optical drive reviews. This is a big factor in which drive to buy for some people. My current DVD burner sounds like a jet engine for 5 minutes after putting a disc in.
  • Ubrales
    Very informative article. Now I have a better understanding of Dual Layer DVDs