10 DVD Burners: 16x and Dual-Layer - or Nothing!

BenQ DW-1620

If you want to get a DW-1620 from BenQ, there are two ways to do it. The easier way is simply to buy one directly. The other option is to take a DW-1600 and flash it with the latest firmware available. This will add DVD-R and DVD-RW writing capabilities to the DW-1600, which were unavailable when the product was launched. Then all you have to do is flash it again with the latest firmware for the DW-1620, and you're good to go!

To improve its burning qualities, the BenQ uses the WOPC (Walking Optimal Power Calibration) system. WOPC lets the DW-1620 optimize the recording quality throughout the write process by adjusting the power of the laser. To avoid buffer underruns, the DW-1600A uses Seamless Link technology.

Main characteristics:

  • Reading
    • CD: 40x
    • DVD: 16x
  • Writing
    • CD-R: 40x
    • CD-RW: 24x
    • DVD-R: 16x
    • DVD+R: 16x
    • DVD-RW: 4x
    • DVD+RW: 4x
    • DVD+R DL: 2.4x
  • Buffer: 2 MB
  • Firmware: B7K9

The burner's compatibilities and specifications according to DVD Info and Nero Info Tools:

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  • sasquatch451
    Please report noise levels in optical drive reviews. This is a big factor in which drive to buy for some people. My current DVD burner sounds like a jet engine for 5 minutes after putting a disc in.
  • Ubrales
    Very informative article. Now I have a better understanding of Dual Layer DVDs