17" LCD Part II: The Heavyweights Enter The Ring

Samsung SyncMaster 171MP, Continued

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Yet in spite of all this, the 171MP is unable to differentiate between light blues.

For games, it's best to raise the contrast quite high, to around 80 / 100. You will gain in detail and the image becomes one of the best of all the monitors, comparable to the Solarism LM 1711, but you lose tremendously in the lightest shades. Typically, light sky blues look white.

Screen response time is good, but not outstanding. Like the 151MP, the stated 25ms are not up to those of the Eizo L365 , nor to the 40ms of the Belinea 10 15 35 monitors and the Solarism LM 1503

The angle of vision is actually somewhat better than usual, so it is perfectly possible for several people to watch it, even if they are not all right in front of the screen.