17" LCD Part II: The Heavyweights Enter The Ring

ViewSonic VX700

The only monitor to use MVA technology is ViewSonic. As you will recall, this technology was once supposed to wipe out TN + Film because of its record response time, peerless angles of vision and best color fidelity. As it turns out, while the first two promises were kept (little image lag and wide angles of vision), the last one certainly was not. Overall, the colors are dark and on the pink side.

Regarding design, unlike Iiyama, ViewSonic has not yet gone for narrow borders. Its screen border is 4.5 cm wide, though this does not prevent it from looking stylish. The base is nicely designed and the colors (matte silver and charcoal gray) allow it to fit into an office or home environment with ease.

The OSD menu has a full set of features and is very smart and easy to use, especially for the color temperature. You have a choice of 9300K, 6500K, 5400K, 5000K and User Color, including the RGB details.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
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