17" LCD Part II: The Heavyweights Enter The Ring

Hercules Prophetview 920, Continued

Fortunately, it is perfectly possible to improve the situation by redefining the colors yourself. We found the following to be the optimal settings: green at the default level (87 / 100), but red lowered to 88 / 100 and blue to 75 / 100. This way the colors come out true, though a bit short on brilliance, especially when you want a whiter than white background for an office context. So our wish list for the next Hercules includes more brightness and contrast.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
ColorDarkest shade displayedLightest shade displayed

Response time is pretty good, but the image lag is greater than that on the excellent Solarism LM 1503 and Belinea 10 15 35 monitors, based on a Chungwa screen claiming 40ms.

The Prophetview 920 will be out in mid-July. A DVI version should be ready in August.