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17" LCD Part V: Four Panels Compared

Hercules ProphetView 920 Pro DVI

Launched in late summer, exclusively in an analog version, the 920 Pro will be reaching the stores in a DVI version during December. At least, it will be in all the stores in Europe, and can be ordered online with free delivery at the Hercules site for the U.S. (while waiting for a distributor to put a reference to this monitor in its catalog).

Unlike the earlier versions of the Prophetview 920 "plain and simple," this one has a case that only comes in black and the screen itself is a HyDis 20 ms. As for the rest, it retains the best features of the previous version, starting with the design, which remains very attractive. The metal case looks really cool, although it is slightly too wide around the sides of the screen. Another advantage of this monitor is that the stand is removable, so the screen can be fixed to the wall simply by two screws. This is clearly a good idea, and it is extremely simple to install that way. But for some strange reason, Hercules is one of the very few manufacturers to have thought of it. Yet the monitor is still by no means perfect. The transformer is external, the screen settings are not height-adjustable, there is no USB hub, and the angle of vision is still just as limited.

Using the same screen as the Iiyama AS4314UTG, the PV 920 Pro benefits from the same advantages, namely, good color rendering and excellent reaction time which, when all is said and done, is so far unequaled.