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17" LCD Part V: Four Panels Compared


The best calibrations were obtained with the brightness set to 60, the contrast at 75 and levels of red, green, and blue at 50.

At 6500 K, the DeltaE curve of the ProphetView 920 is excellent. The reproduction of 94% of the colors, the palest ones, is so good (DeltaE of less than or equal to 2) that the eye cannot see the difference between the color requested and the one that is actually displayed. Using our instrument, 76% (DeltaE < 1) of the colors were actually rendered perfectly. On the other hand, the screen cannot display 4% of the darkest colors.

Hercules Prophetview 920 Pro DVI: Games


No surprises here, since we are getting to know this screen real well and the quality of the display is acceptable, even to fans of this type of game. Players who leap around in all directions the whole time may be slightly bothered in the beginning, but that feeling soon goes away. On the other hand, it's a good idea to play around with the resident screen resolutions. The interpolations are not too good. When re-dimensioned to 1024 x 768, for example, the image loses finesse, the outlines are coarser and the trail is much more obvious.


This game moves much more slowly than Unreal. This time, there's no need for a period of adaptation, you can get straight into the game without suffering from blurred movement. It's only if you climb a staircase looking at the steps that you will see a real difference from a CRT screen.