3D Accelerator Card Reviews

2D Windows 95, 16 Bit Color Depth

In the typical Business Winstone 97 the Revolution 3D is the clear leader. Diamond's Viper V330 and ATI's XPERT cards are fighting for the second place. As you will notice in all the 2D benchmarks, 2D is not the strenth of the Rendition Verite 2100 chip, the Diamond Stealth II performs almost always slowest in 2D.

The good old Millennium can still lead the field when it comes to the Highend Winstone 97 under Windows 95. However all results are within the range of only 2 points, so all cards are doing pretty fine.

2D Windows 95, 32 Bit Color Depth

Under true color the lead of the Revolution 3D is obvious. It's surprising to see that almost all new cards are faster than the Millennium though, even the 'gaming cards' with NVidia's Riva 128. The ATI cards are holding a worthy second place, significantly ahead of the rest.

True color is something the Number Nine card loves, giving a performance example to all the rest. The Diamond Viper V330 is performing impressively well here, the ATI cards don't seem to handle workstation graphics under Windows 95 too well at all.