3D Accelerator Card Reviews

Asus 3D Explorer 3000 AGP

Asus is also using NVidia's successful RIVA 128 chip and puts in on a board that seems very simular to the original reference board from NVidia. The performance is as expected, putting it in the first league in Direct3D benchmarks, although not quite as fast as the Diamond Viper V330. The 2D and OpenGL results are also less than the results of the Viper V330, but still quite considerable.

Asus promised me new improved drivers as well as video in/out support in the next release, so I am waiting until I will receive these samples. Until then I rather recommend Diamond's Viper V330 unless you find the 3D Explorer at a very competitive price.

3D Image Quality

Motoracer looks as good as it gets.

Final Reality Benchmark: You can see the typical lack of the NVidia RIVA 128 when you look at the cross, no tri-linear filtering, also no cloud/fog visible.