3D Accelerator Card Reviews

OpenGL Windows NT

OpenGL is not the strength of the competitors of the Fire GL 1000 Pro in this test, the lead is clear. ATI's Rage Pro loses out completely in OpenGL, although ATI speaks of 'OpenGL support' of the Rage Pro. Strange ...

The tests were run on the MSI MS6111 motherboard, using a Pentium II at 300 MHz. The NT tests were run from a Seagate Cheetah ST34501W connected to a DPT PM2144UW, the windows 95 tests were run from a Quantum Fireball ST 3.2 UDMA IDE disk.

3D Winbench With Socket 7 CPUs

Running the test with an AMD K6 233 or Pentium MMX 233 shows that things can change quite considerably when using a weaker CPU. Now the Rendition Verite 2100 chip, used in the Diamond Stealth II, shows that its 3D performance hardly scales with CPU performance. This makes it the second fastest chip in 3D for Socket 7 CPUs. It also shows that ATI's Rage Pro chip has serious driver problems here. Who would have thought that it suddenly would come last in this test?

Tests run on a FIC PA-2012, 64 MB SDRAM, Quantum Fireball ST 3.2.