3D Accelerator Card Reviews

2D Windows NT, 16 Bit Color Depth

The new Windows NT drivers of the Fire GL 1000 Pro are doing very well, but ATI's NT drivers are even better. It is impressive to see how fast the Rage Pro chip is under Windows NT, since it's currently also the second fastest gaming chip. Number Nine should learn a little bit from these drivers, since the current driver doesn't seem able to live up to the Windows 95 results. Again Diamond's Viper V330 is doing very well too, considering it is targeted to the gaming market.

The good OpenGL performance of the Fire GL 1000 Pro is the key to these HighEnd results, here the Riva 128 can't compete against the other cards. Again ATI shows that it can do very well in a Highend Winstone as well and if you think about it you'll have to agree that workstation graphics are usually performed under NT rather than Windows 95.

2D Windows NT, 32 Bit Color Depth

The Fire GL can show its OpenGL muscles again, but the Revolution 3D leaves also no doubt that it is the right card for true color. NT plus true color is certainly not the field of the Riva 128, but the ATI cards are still doing pretty well in this test. It's impressive to see that Diamond's Viper is still faster than the former highend card Matrox Millennium under NT at true color.

And again a clear win for the strong OpenGL support of the Fire GL 1000 Pro, as well as a worthy second placement for the ATI cards, who are even faster than Number Nine's Revolution 3D.

The tests were run on the MSI MS6111 motherboard, using a Pentium II at 300 MHz. The NT tests were run from a Seagate Cheetah ST34501W connected to a DPT PM2144UW, the windows 95 tests were run from a Quantum Fireball ST 3.2 UDMA IDE disk.