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Samsung 840 Pro SSD: More Speed, Less Power, And Toggle-Mode 2.0

Benchmark Results: Storage Suite v1.0 And PCMark 7

Storage Bench v1.0 (Background Info)

Storage Bench v1.0 is our homegrown trace tool that stores and replays the first two weeks of I/O activity on a desktop workstation. Including several software installations, the trace incorporates quite a bit of sequentially-written compressible and incompressible information.

Samsung's 512 GB 840 Pro jumps to the top of the chart, beating every other drive we've tested so far. This big 512 GB repository certainly looks like it's the new king of the hill.

Unfortunately, we don't have a 128 GB model to test. At least in theory, the 256 GB version should serve up identical performance, given the degree of NAND parallelism and larger data buffer. But we'd suspect the 128 GB drive of being a little slower.

PCMark 7

PCMark 7 puts more emphasis on compressible data. But, yet again, Samsung's 840 Pro springs to the top of our chart. That's an impressive finish considering that SSDs based on SandForce's second-gen controller have held the top spot in this metric for almost a year.