All-Pro LCDs Part 2

Eizo FlexScan L997

With this new monitor from Eizo we change format and professional environment. Unlike Apple, Eizo isn't out to win any beauty contests. The design of their monitors is more industrial than ever, but Eizo puts all its efforts into image quality. And they've earned their reputation for seriousness in the field of professional image processing. But that reputation comes at a price. You'll have to shell out $1,900 for this Eizo 14-bit monitor.

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Eizo L997
Diagonal measurement21.3"
Native resolution1600 x 1200
Contrast550: 1
Brightness250 nits
Latency30 ms
Colors16.7 M
H/V viewing angles170/170 (H/V)
ConnectivityVGA, DVI-I, DVI-D, USB
Average price$1,900 (2,100 euros)

Design And Finish

Eizo, as we said, is not a manufacturer who tries to impress you with design. And it's worked for them. The L997 is available in light gray or in black, the only concession to looks. The rest is strictly utilitarian. The plastics are massive and very solid. Eizo hasn't put the control buttons in an impossible location just for the sake of looks. They're big, there are a lot of them, and they're directly under the LCD panel.


On the other hand, the monitor's overall ergonomics are very good. The panel has both tilt and height adjustments. It also has an automatic portrait mode and a rotating base. The buttons on the front panel might not be pretty, but they're practical. Navigation in the OSD does have a slight learning curve, since the up/down and left/right buttons are all along one line. That makes it hard to get your bearings without looking at what you're doing.


The monitor is very fully equipped, with dual DVI connectivity, VGA and a USB 2.0 hub - in other words, all the essentials.