All-Pro LCDs Part 2

Spatial Uniformity

Again, a faultless performance. The L997 was very uniform, with all the values we recorded within a very narrow range of variation. The result is that all areas of the display had the same vividness.

Up to this point, the L997 delivers on all its promises. Its static qualities are exemplary. But what about moving images?

Too Slow

In fact, the Eizo keeps its promises here, too. The specs announce 30 ms, and that's also what you'll get in reality.

On average, the latency as measured was 30 ms. Sudden transitions were a little faster (22 ms), and in the worst case, we logged 33 ms of latency to go from black to light gray. Eizo deserves congratulations for specifying 30 ms whereas its monitor is capable of doing better than that at the ISO measurement point. Eizo is one manufacturer who doesn't cheat. In aiming their products at professionals, the company has chosen to lay their cards on the table and clearly indicate the performance purchasers can expect under actual use conditions. Our hat is off to them. It's an effort towards transparence we'd like to see others imitate.