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A Cool Bunch: How To Put A Lid On The Die Temperature Of Your Athlon

Quiet And Flat: Spire 5P53B3

The 5P53B3 turned out relatively flat for a copper cooler. This wee one barely measures 46 millimeters from the plate of solid copper up to the upper edge of the fan. The cooling elements are made from folded sheet copper that has been soldered up to the base plate quite neatly. As a result, you have seven copper fins on either side of the clip.

The underside of the base plate is very even, albeit not perfect.

Though the cooling performance of this little one will do for an Athlon 1400, the true calling of the 5P53B3 is to cool a Duron with a clock speed of around 1 gigahertz. We would not recommend using this cooler for overclocking. One striking feature of the fan is its lower operating noise level.