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A Cool Bunch: How To Put A Lid On The Die Temperature Of Your Athlon

Roaring Cooler Monsters For Overclockers: Swiftech MC462 And MCX462

A mighty cooling tower: MC462

In our last test, we were sold on the MC462 because of its great cooling performance.

Cooling performance to the max: the MC 462.

Its weight of 789 grams puts it head and shoulders above the rest, too. The same goes for its operating noise level (63 dB(A)). The MC462 is based on a plate of solid copper.

Superb surface quality - the underside of the MC462.

Round aluminum pins that have been pressed into the base plate are the actual cooling elements of the cooling tower. Towering above is a mighty, high-speed, 80 mm fan. The connecting cable does not provide any speed detecting signals. This will cause the following problem on some boards: mobos that read the speed signal of the CPU connector (fan connection) won't boot up, as no fan is attached.