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Noisy Or Quiet: From 38 To 67 DB(A)

The noise level of the tested fans varies with the model, from an extremely quiet, barely audible 38 dB(A) (which can be compared to a loud whisper) up to an annoying 67 dB(A) (loud talking).

So that you can compare the noise of the fans, you should go by the following rules of thumb:

  • twice the volume is equivalent to an increase in the noise level by 10 dB(A);
  • four times the volume is therefore equivalent to an increase in the noise level by 20 dB(A);
  • differences of 1 dB are virtually inaudible, while differences of 3 dB(A) are clearly noticeable.

Please note that the measurements were taken with the side panels removed, at a distance of approximately 40 centimeters from the fan wheel. Consequently, the levels will be considerably lower than our results when the side panels are in place.