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A Cool Bunch: How To Put A Lid On The Die Temperature Of Your Athlon

A Dazzler: Evercool CUD-725

Everything is shiny on the CUD-725. Its fins, base plate, heck, even the clip was dabbed with a copper finish and polished until it shone.

It doesn't matter how much the underside may shine - it's still not perfectly smooth. A final finishing touch would definitely reduce the thermal resistance of the surface a little more. The individual ribs appears to be connected to the inside of the cooler via a pipe; a close look reveals, however, that this isn't the case.

The cooling capacity isn't exactly thrilling for a solid-copper cooler. We measured 65° Celsius with a 1400 Athlon. Other manufacturers make it down to 60° Celsius and lower. Weighing in at 430 grams and generating 61 dB(A) of racket, the CUD-725 isn't exactly racking up top scores in other areas, either.

The CUD-725 is a cooler for users who are looking to add some shine to their systems.