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A Cool Bunch: How To Put A Lid On The Die Temperature Of Your Athlon

Fraternal Triplets: Spire 5E34B3-H, Spire 5E34B3 And Spire 5E32B3

You'll see right away that the three Spire offspring are related; all three of them use the exact same aluminum cooler profile that juts out slightly. The base surface, measuring 40 by 55 millimeters, is exactly the same for all three of them, too. As far as noise is concerned, an untrained ear will hardly notice a difference. All three of them are relatively quiet.

The CPU under the 5E34B3 and 5E34B3-H has copper resting on it, while the 5E32B3 must be content with aluminum.

Looking at the profile of the coolers, you'll notice that the 5E32B3 is slightly taller. It's not that it has a more powerful fan, the outer copper fin is merely a few millimeters longer. Be careful when installing them - they all have relatively sharp edges.

I: Spire 5E32B3

As was to be expected, the 5E32B3, a pure aluminum cooler, delivered the weakest cooling performance.

However, it still comes recommended by AMD and will still work for the Athlon XP 1800+ (Palomino).