A Home-Grown Water Cooler for 115 Dollars

Waterblock - The Real Cooler

In our set-up, the water block is where the cooling actually takes place. It transfers heat from the CPU to the water. The water circulates constantly at a high rate, which keeps the CPU temperature low, hence the cooling effect. In the following pictures, you can see how the water block was constructed and how it works.

All the separate parts that go into building a waterblock.

The waterblock has two inlets for the water hoses.

The hoses are attached using knurled screws.

Tightening the screws guarantees an absolutely watertight seal.

The waterblock without the cover. Once in operation, a large amount of water flows through these channels.

  • This would be a wonderful article, if we knew where the parts could be purchased, where can we get that radiator, pump.... Saying $115.00 withour this information could be a complete hoax.
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