A Home-Grown Water Cooler for 115 Dollars

Radiator With Two Fans

The grunt work is done by our radiator, which - as the name implies - transfers the heat from one medium to another by radiation. Since heat always flows from a warm medium to a cool one (physicists, please forgive this mediocre formulation! Thomas Pabst/Editor in Chief), a radiator is designed so that the heat of the water is dissipated through the fins into the surrounding air. The fins ensure that the surface area is large, while the fans attached to the radiator keep the air stream constant. In the following pictures, you can see the radiator we installed in our cooling system.

The radiator is a very important component in our cooling system. It is cooled by two powerful fans.

The cooling fins dissipate the heat from the water into the surrounding air.

Both hose inlets on the radiator.

  • This would be a wonderful article, if we knew where the parts could be purchased, where can we get that radiator, pump.... Saying $115.00 withour this information could be a complete hoax.
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