A Home-Grown Water Cooler for 115 Dollars

Step-by-step Instructions On Building A Water Cooler

These instructions for building a water cooler should be clear to any user who has a little experience in building PC systems.

First, the conventional cooler and fan must be removed from the CPU, and the CPU itself must be cleaned.

Afterwards, the CPU is returned to its mounting and covered with some thermal paste.

Next, the pre-assembled waterblock has to be attached.

The PC case needs to be accessible from all sides. Any extraenous or obstructive wires should be moved out of the way first.

Be very careful when positioning the waterblock on the processor. Misplacing it quickly destroy your processor.

Don't attach the clip until the waterblock has been put in its final position on the processor. The clip ensures that the waterblock remains firmly in contact with the processor.

Avoid bending the hoses (as in the picture).

After the water block has been assembled, the lines must be attached to the remaining components.

  • This would be a wonderful article, if we knew where the parts could be purchased, where can we get that radiator, pump.... Saying $115.00 withour this information could be a complete hoax.
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