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AMD Trinity On The Desktop: A10, A8, And A6 Get Benchmarked!

Benchmark Results: Content Creation

3ds Max is known as a floating-point-intensive application, and it’s in this test that Piledriver’s shared resources hurt its performance relative to Llano. A8-3850 isn’t even the quickest previous-gen APU available, and it’s still faster than the unreleased A10-5800K in this real-world metric.

Fortunately, APUs aren’t being positioned as great solutions for workstations. Nevertheless, 3ds Max serves as a reminder that AMD’s newest architecture makes certain compromises that affect the behavior of some applications positively and others negatively.

The same goes for SolidWorks. Although the Trinity-based parts don’t trail by much, you wouldn’t expect a flagship A10 to lose out to last year’s A8. But when you’re pushing floating-point-heavy math, that’s the trade-off you’re going to see.

Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.