Is the Acer F20 the Ferrari of LCD Monitors?


There's not much to say as far as the adjustments go on the shell of this unit. The ergonomics of the F20 are derived from the Acer model AL2032W. The panel has a tilt adjustment with a fairly limited range; the OSD is clear; the remote control that comes with the monitor is effective. On the lower part of the panel are several touch-sensitive buttons that can be used in place of the remote control if you need them.


The connectivity is more than complete-in addition to DVI and VGA, there are some very handy audio-video connectors. For example, there's a basic cinch connection, but also S-Video. The monitor has a standard analog tuner, too. We were a little disappointed in the sound quality, since the massive speakers and the inclusion of a little subwoofer led us to expect a bit better dynamics. Unfortunately the sound was fairly flat in spite of all this; that's a shame on a monitor with multimedia ambitions.