Is the Acer F20 the Ferrari of LCD Monitors?

Acer Ferrari F20: Gallop Or Trot?

We measured the panel's actual latency.

Again we'll recall our test method:

The curve shows the different latency values for different levels of gray. A black-white alternation is shown on the curve by a point at X-axis 255, a black-gray alternation produces a point at X-axis 125, a black-dark-gray alternation shows as 50, etc.

The official ISO latency rating specified by the manufacturer is only for black/white transitions (0/255). While the value we measured may agree with the manufacturer on this point, it's not of much value in judging the panel's actual responsiveness in practice.

Frankly, we weren't impressed here either. The panel's reactivity wasn't worthy of comparison to a Gran Turismo-far from it. Latency reached a maximum value of 26 ms, and the 0-to-255 transition clocked in at 20 ms. Definitely not enough to turn heads on the Miracle Mile.